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Monday, August 31, 2015

Boyz Episode 6 (31st August 2015) Written Update

Boyz Episode 6 (31st August 2015) Written Update
Kulvinder is sitting in front of a laptop. Students are gathered around him. He is trying to open a CD and some adult site opens. Jane calls him a pervert and asks if that is his research.  She is annoyed and goes from there. Kullu asks Ashita to help as the CD is not opening. Ashita throws her shoe at him. She then picks up her shoes and goes from there. Prateek comes there with a CD and tells Kulvinder that the Dean is coming. Dean comes to the classroom and calls Kulvinder’s name angrily. He raises his hands in fear.  Kullu says to himself that he wanted to earn money and be financially free but now him freedom is going to be in trouble.
A few hours back…
Prateek and Kulvinder are sleeping.  Kullu wakes up and tries to wake up Prateek. He then goes to the washroom. Prateek gets up and starts to chat with a lady in some adult website. The lady tells Prateek that he sounds interesting and tells that they should talk. Prateek asks for the lady number and she asks to enter credit card number and pin. His card gets declined and he calls the bank and asks the receiver if she wants to get the Bank closed. He tells that he is son of the MP Paswan. The girl tells that there is some issue with the card. Kullu comes out and tells that there is no water. Prateek keeps talking to the girl and Kullu answers thinking that Prateek is talking to him. Prateek throws a bottle of water towards Kullu and asks him to go and wash his face.
Kullu comes to the hall. He looks at his purse and says that his mother gave him purse on his birthday but he does not have money to keep in it. Just then a 5 Rupee coin rolls out of his purse and Kullu goes to fetch it. He almost collides into Lakshya who is standing with the bowl in hand. Kabir compliments Lakshya on his looks and asks what the plan is. Lakshya informs him that there is a notice in the College notice board that the students should wear black blazer and suit. Kullu tells that he does not have one. Lakshya goes from there after telling him to apply his lucky charm so that some magic will happen. Kullu wonders from where he will get the money to buy jacket. He talks to his Grandmother on video chat and asks for money to buy uniform. His Grandmother tells him that she is not going to send him money as he will spend them on girls. She gets angry and asks Kullu to arrange the money he needs on his own. Prateek asks Kullu why he is not ready and Kulvinder tells that he has no jacket and no money to buy jacket. Prateek tells that his card got blocked otherwise he would have helped him. Kullu tells that he tells that he won’t take money from anyone and tells that he with stand on his own feet. Kullu tells that he want to earn money and he want to be an entrepreneur. Prateek tells that he has an old pair and asks Kullu to get ready fast and come. Kullu nods.
Miss Chatterjee is in taking the class. A girl ogles at Lakshya and tells Ashita that he is looking hot. Kullu stands at the classroom door and asks for permission to get inside. Miss Chatterjee sees that his pants is short and says that it is too small. Kullu thinks that she is referring to something else. She asks to change it and come and Kullu tells that it can’t be changed. Finally Miss Chatterjee allows him to get into the class. Kullu stumbles and falls on Jane’s table. Jane asks him to get off her desk and he continues to lie down. Jane pushes him away and slaps him. Miss Chatterjee asks him to get out of the class. She tells him not to come back till he comes to the class wearing normal clothes.
Prateek and Kulvinder are at the Canteen and Prateek teases Kullu on his clothes. Kullu tells that he has neither the money nor the clothes. Prateek reads a message he got on his mobile and tells that his card got blocked because of usage in banned adult site. Kullu tells that he got an idea to earn money and goes from there.
Next day morning...
Prateek is searching on the bed for something and Kullu comes there with a bag. He asks Prateek what he is searching. Prateek tells that his underwear is missing and Kullu empties the contents of his bag to the bed telling that it is for sale. Prateek is surprised to see underwear's and asks how he got that much money. Kullu tells that he stole them from Boy's Hostel and will sell them to fund his Business of selling adult content. He tells that he made a Facebook page called Secret Desires also for the purpose. Prateek is impressed hearing it.
Kullu and Prateek are keeping a watch on a CD they have kept inside a plant pot the corridor. It falls down and Prateek goes to pick it up and keep it in place. A girl picks it up before him. Prateek tells that they should give it in lost and found. He tells that he is busy and asks the girl to give it. He girl goes with the CD and comes back to keep a hundred rupees. Kullu is happy that his plan worked. Kulvinder and Pradeep conducts their Business of CD's from the College washroom and all gets sold.
Kullu and Prateek are walking through the College corridor. Kulvinder is happy that he made 1500 Rupees in 4 hours. The Dean (Kunal Bakshi) stops them and asks if he is the one distributing DVD's. Kullu gets scared and puts the blame on Prateek. The Dean shuts them up and tells them that he is proud of them. He tells them that they have done a selfless job for the College and appreciates them for doing the social service. He tells that he also need a DVD and asks for an English one as Presentation is given in English. Kulvinder and Prateek gets confused hearing that. Just then Anoop comes and talks to the Dean. Anoop tells that Kulvinder is the Guy he was talking about and says that he made a good fan following in a short period of time. He tells that he only told the Dean that they are distributing Project Research DVD's. Anoop suggests that their presentation should be shown in the class room. The Dean tells to call all students to the classroom in 10 minutes for the presentation and goes from there. Anoop tells that it is his revenge for getting him slapped by Jane.Pradeep is worried as to what they will do to escape the situation. Kulvinder asks him to go and get any Project Research DVD.
Kulvinder is in the class sitting in front of a Laptop. He is unable to open the Project. Jane shouts at him saying, "You pervert! This is your research? Loser!" She goes from the classroom. Ashita throws a duster at Kullu. Lakshya mocks Kullu telling that the Dean will be happy with his advanced research. Prateek comes with the DVD and informs that the Dean is coming.
The Dean is standing at the classroom door and calls Kulvinder's name angrily. Kulvinder raises both his hands up.
Kulvinder and Prateek are at the Deans office. Prateek and Kullu puts the blame on each other. The Dean shuts them up and tells that they can't do anything properly. He tells them that he also came outside the washroom for the DVD but was late. The Dean tells them, "Neither did you come here... nor did we talk". He asks them to go.
Kulvinder and Prateek comes out of the Deans Office and pretends as if they got scolded. Lakshya was waiting outside the door and asks what happened. Anoop is also looking at them from a distance. Kulvinder and Prateek suddenly starts laughing. Anoop is confused seeing it (Episode ends).

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