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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Boyz Episode 4 (27th August 2015) Written Update

Boyz Episode 4 (27th August 2015) Written Update
Kulvinder is sitting on a pipe on the College Hostel Building. A security guard is standing down and asks him to get down. The Guy tells him that he will get a bashing once he is down. Kullu refuses to get down but falls down. He tells to himself that all he wanted was to go with Jane for freshers Party but what he is getting is beatings. He says, "Why me? Why God?"
Previous Day...
Jane is sitting in the Canteen and eating an ice cream cone. Prateek and Kullu or also at the Canteen. Kullu keeps looking at Jane. Prateek tells that it may be stinking. Kullu asks what smell is suppose to come from Ice cream. Prateek points to Lakshya who is talking on the phone to someone and tells that he was talking about Lakshya. Just then a Senior named Anoop(portrayed by Prince Dua)comes there with a friend and talks about the Fresher night. He tells that like every year there will be Mr and Miss fresher Competition. He tells that they will all have to come with their Partners for the Party. He goes from there. Immediately 3 Guys approach Jane and she rejects all of them. Kullu is annoyed seeing it. Some girls approach Laksh and asks him to go to the Freshers Party with them. He tells them that he is not going. One girl tells Laksh to say the three magical words and threatens to commit suicide but cutting her wrist. Laksh runs from there and the girl runs behind him. Ashita is in the Canteen watching it all and says in mind, "This stupid boys do not see anyone other than Laksh and the idiot Boys do not see anyone other than Jane". Kullu tells Prateek to go and find someone to go to the Party with him and tells that he has already made his choice to go with Jane. Jane looks at Kabir and he is happy that she gave him signal. More Guys approach Jane. She get annoyed and Kullu tries to pulls the Guys away from her. Jane goes from there. The Guys jerk him away and Kabir falls in front of Ashita. She thinks he is there to ask for a date and rejects him straight away. Prateek asks a girl in his broken English, "Do you be my couple. It's just a matter of one night". The girl slaps him and goes from there. Kullu tells that he will have to do something special so that Jane goes with him. Prateek tells that he will ask Miss Chatterjee to be his date.
Kabir and Prateek are at home. Kabir uses the laptop and chats with Jane as a girl to find out what she likes. He tells that he asks for Jane's favorite cake flavor. He tells Prateek that he will surprise her by gifting a cake.
Ashita comes to the room. Jane talks to herself, "Don't these boys understand? Idiots!" Ashita tells that the Boys are idiots only. Jane picks on her and tells her that Ashita attracts her type of Guys. Jane tells her that the Guys would be running away from her. Ashita tells that she is not interested in the stupid Guys who run after Jane and goes from there.
Kullu enters Jane's room through the window with a cake in hand. He keeps the Cake on the bed and decides to wait for Jane for a while. He imagines Jane coming there and closing his eyes with her hands. She applies the cream from the Cake on his face and hugs him. He sees that someone is about to enter the room and escapes from the room. Jane's puppy comes inside and licks Kullu's name off from the cake.
Next day morning... Kulvinder and Pradeep are at the Canteen. Kullu tells that Jane may be eating the Cake now and wishes that she feeds him the cake too. Ashita comes to the Canteen and Prateek greets her. Just then Jane comes to the Canteen and asks who left the cake in her room. Kabir gets up. She is annoyed and shouts, "Who ever you are how dare you?" Kabir sits down immediately. Jane asks again who did it and Kullu gets up from the seat. Jane ignores him and goes towards a Guy with glasses. She holds him by collar and questions him. The Guy tells that he did not do anything. She tells him that from day one he has been pestering her for number and he is definitely the one who did it. The Guy moves back. Jane tells that he will eat the Cake and throws the Cake towards his face. The Guy moves and the Cake falls on Kullu's face. The Guy runs from there and Jane chases after him. Pradeep tells that Kullu wanted one piece and Jane threw the whole cake on his face. He tells that it is good that he did not keep any heavy thing. Ashita listens to their conversation. Pradeep tells Kabir to eat the cake while he goes and proposes to Miss Chatterjee. He says, "Hashtag Indecent Proposal!" and goes from there.
Prateek reaches the class room and occupies a chair next to a burqua clad girl. Prateek touches the girl and she punches him. Lakshya lifts the cover from his face and reveals himself. Prateek is surprised to see Lakshya in his avatar. The girl comes to the class and immediately Lakshya hides his face. The girl asks Prateek if he saw Lakshya. Lakshya hits him every time he starts to say about him to stop Prateek from saying anything. Lakshya tells Prateek that he is hiding from that girl as she threatened to commit suicide. Prateek tells that the girls like Laksh so much that they are ready to commit suicide where as girls are not even looking at him. Prateek tells that he was thinking of proposing to Miss Chatterjee.  Lakshya tells Prateek that it is a superb idea and tricks him to believe that Miss Chaterjee likes Orchids. Lakshya encourages Prateek and he goes from there.
Miss Chatterjee is coming through the College corridor.  A girl collides into her and she drops her books. She picks the books up and Prateek helps her. He then offers the Orchid flower bunch to her and asks if she would be his date for the fresher’s party. Prateek tells that they would look a hot couple, Miss hot chick and Mr. handsome hunk. Miss Chatterjee starts sneezing and tells that she is allergic to Orchids. She beats him with the books in hand and tells that she would punish him. She tells that if he does not obey her she would fail him in the exams. Prateek obeys. Miss Chatterjee goes from there. Prateek says to himself that he will take revenge on Laksh. He tells the girl who was looking for Laksh that he is in the class wearing burqua. The girl approaches Laksh and he tries to avoid her. The girl removes the cover from Laksh’s face and tells that she would go to the Fresher’s Party as his date only. Lakshya runs from there and the girl chases him. She gets hold of him and Laksh tells her that he can’t go with her. She asks him why. He tells that he is going with Ashita and hugs her. Lakshya whispers to Ashita that both of them don’t have partners and asks her to go with him to the fresher’s party. Ashita tells the girl that he is going with her. The girl is annoyed and goes from there. Kullu sees it and looks sad. Ashita smiles at Laksh and goes from there. Lakshya says in mind that to save himself from one problem he got hold of another and wonders how he will go to the Party with the behenji.
Prateek comes to the Canteen talking to self. He says that he is getting depressed because of rejection and orders 3 samosa. He notices the girl Laksh rejected sitting and crying.  He says to himself that he is not getting a date and the girl looks at him. She asks him if he is also not getting a date. They both look at each other and Prateek goes and sits on her table. She recognizes him as Laksh’s friend. She tells him that she will get him a date and asks him to do her setting with Lakshya. Prateek tells that he can’t guarantee but he will try. The girl gets happy and shakes hands with Prateek. Kullu sees it. He says to himself that Prateek and Lakshya got their dates and he is only one left. He thinks that he has to do something to impress Jane.
Its night and Jane is in her bed sleeping hugging her teddy bear. Kullu comes to the room and Jane wakes up. Kullu hides himself underneath Jane’s bed and finds her dog there. Jane’s dog makes noise. She gets up and asks who is there. When she does not get any response, she goes back to sleep. Kullu puts the dog inside the cupboard and makes the arrangements. He says in mind that when Jane sees it she would come to him running in slow motion and hug him. The dog escapes from the cupboard and barks at him. Kullu escapes from the room and Jane gets up again. She sees the candle, card and rose petals arrangement on the floor and goes near it. She picks up the card with Kullu’s name in it. She comes out of the room and calls Kullu’s name. Kulvinder is hiding behind a pillar. A security guard comes there and Jane asks him if he saw Kullu. The senior Anoop is looking from behind a bush. Jane tells that Kullu lighted candles in her room. The Guard tells her that he will go and find the intruder. Jane tells him not to do anything to Kullu and tells, “He is such a lovely boy. You know he lighted candles in my room. I am so touched. He made me so special. Now I will go to the freshers party with him”. Kulvinder is happy hearing it.Anoop goes to Jane and tells that he is Kulvinder. The Guard asks him what he is doing in the ladies Hostel and Anoop stuffs some money in his hand and tells that he did not come there at all. Jane tells Anoop that it was such a lovely gesture. Anoop asks her to go out for a walk and they go from there. Kullu is annoyed. When the Guard passes him by he calls him and tells that he is Kullu and he is the one who did all that. The Guard stares at him angrily and the scenes moves to the first one where Kullu falls to the ground.The Guard tells him that the next time he sees him at the girls hostel he will show no mercy (Episode ends).
PreCap: Prateek tells Kullu that they can go to the Party as a couple if he Kulvinder can dress up like a girl. He tells that they can have fun. Kabir gets annoyed and chases Prateek. Kulvinder is at the Freshers Party venue as a waiter. Prateek makes him drink alcohol. He tells Kullu to go and tell Jane that he did the arrangement in her room.

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