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Friday, August 28, 2015

Boyz Episode 5 (28th August 2015) Written Update

Boyz Episode 5 (28th August 2015) Written Update
Kulvinder is lying on the floor at the Police lock up and the Police Inspector hits him and asks him to tell the truth. A Constable comes to the lock up with Kullu's phone and tells that there is a call from his Mom. Kullu tells not to tell his Mom. The Inspector asks him to agree and Kulvinder asks him that when he has not done anything why should he agree. The Inspector and Constable talks to each other. Kullu talks to himself that he was planning to chill out with Jane but ended up hanging out with the Police Guys.
Few hours back...
Kulvinder is walking through the College Corridor rubbing his bum because of the fall from the girl's hostel building. He is annoyed at Anoop for taking credit for his efforts to impress Jane. Just then Jane comes from the opposite side and Kullu blocks her way when she tries to pass by. Jane gets  annoyed and slaps Kulvinder. As Jane starts to walk Kullu says, "I am Kulvinder". Jane stops and looks at him. Anoop comes there and handles the situation by showing a video of Kabir in Jane's room without Jane noticing it. Anoop tells that he knows who may have kept the cake in her room. Jane tells Anoop that she would kill the Guy by feeling him spoiled cake and light the candle on his nose. Kabir is scared hearing it and runs from there. Anoop tells Jane that some girl may have done it. Jane tells him that the girls are jealous of her and Anoop takes her away from there.
Kulvinder is at home and is sad that neither Prateek nor Lakshya is there with him in his bad time. He then realizes that they may be getting ready for the Party. Laksh gets ready and comes to the hall. He asks Kulvinder why he is not ready and pulls him up from the couch. He forcefully applies the liquid from the bowl on Kulvinder telling that he needs all the luck. Prateek also gets ready and comes to the Hall. Lakshya tells that he is going to meet his date. Prateek asks him who the lucky girl is and Lakshya teases him asking to be his date. Lakshya goes from there. Kulvinder is annoyed that he has no date and he cannot tell Jane as Anoop has proof against him. Kulvinder tells Prateek that he is not going to the Freshers Party. Prateek tells him that he will do something for Kulvinder. He asks Kullu to get ready and meet him at the Party.
Lakshya tries for Ashita but she does not picks up the call. Ashita comes out of the washroom and sees her towel on Jane's bed. She picks it up and Jane lifts her face revealing the face pack she has on her face. Ashita gets scared seeing Jane and drops the towel. Jane silences her. Just then someone knocks at the door and Jane says that someone may have come to borrow her make up. Ashita opens the door and the 'Lakshya obsessed girl' steps into the room and shouts at Ashita with a knife in hand. Ashita forcefully closes the door pushing the girl outside and Jane also comes to help her. The girl says that he won't allow Ashita go to the Party with Lakshya and that Laksh is only hers. Jane asks Ashita to call Laksh and ask him to take the girl from there. Ashita calls Lakshya and he pretends that he is not able to hear anything when Ashita tells him about the girl. Jane tells that she has an idea and takes a spray out of the cupboard. She tells Ashita to open the door at the count of three and uses the spray when the girl comes inside. The girl goes and falls into the bed unconscious. They decide to leave the girl in the room and go for the Party.
Kulvinder is at the Party venue and tries Prateek's number but could not reach him. He tries to enter the Hall but the bouncer stops him saying, "Stags not allowed!". Just then a middle aged Manager sort of Guy comes out and asks him to go inside thinking that he is a Waiter at the Party. The DJ plays the music and students dance. The Manager gives the drinks tray to Kulvinder and tells him that he is paid to serve the drinks at the Party. Anoop and Jane comes to the Party. Anoop calls Kulvinder 'Waiter' and asks him for a drink for Jane. Ashita and Laksh also reaches the venue. Ashita asks him why he did not come to her rescue. Laksha tells that before her attempted murder by the girl, she had threatened him of committing suicide. Ashita calls him a jerk and goes from there.
Kullu reluctantly walks towards Anoop and Jane. Kulvinder collides into a girl and the tray falls down. Jane asks Anoop to bring her drink and goes from there. Anoop follows her. The Manager pulls Kullu's ears calling him and idiot and tells that whatever the losses will be cut from his payment. Pradeep comes to the room with a friend of the "Lakshya obsessed girl" Puja. Prateek tells her that he is aware that she can't be his girlfriend and asks her to act like his girlfriend to make Miss Chatterjee jealous. She agrees to pretend to be his girlfriend but asks him to bring a drink first. Prateek sees Kulvinder in the waiters avatar and mocks him saying, "hashtag desperation". Kullu complaints to Prateek saying that he waited one hour outside and would not have been able to get in if the Organizer had not mistaken him as waiter. Prateek apologizes saying that he was busy arranging the date. Prateek makes Kulvinder drink saying that the drink will give him confidence. Prateek tells Kulvinder to go and tell everything to Jane. Kullu kisses Prateek on his cheek and goes in search of Jane.
Kullu sees Anoop with Jane and decides to expose him. He removes his jacket and calls Anoop by his name. Jane tells Anoop that he is being called and Anoop tells that he is her Kulvinder not Anoop. He tells her that the Guy looks like a drunkard and asks her to ignore him. Anoop goes near Kulvinder and warns him of the consequences but Kulvinder tells that he is not scared. He goes to Jane and says, "He no Kullu... I Kullu!" Anoop interferes and tells that he Guy is drunk and should be ignored. Kulvinder again tells that he is the real Kullu. Anoop tells that the Guy is drunk and is not even able to remember his name. Anoop leaves his hold on Kullu and he falls with his face down on the floor. Anoo tries to take Jane from there saying that they don't get time together and need to talk. Kulvinder says, "I object!" Just then Ashita comes there and tries to help him up. The crazy girl Puja comes there and spots Ashita. Ashita runs from there. Lakshya is kissing a girl and Ashita warns him as she passes by. Lakshya also runs from there and the girl chases them. Prateek sees Kullu on the floor and sits next to him. He tells Kullu that being so down to earth is not good. He tells to take inspiration from him so that girls would chase after him. Puja sees Prateek and pulls him up from the floor. She shouts at him for breaking his promise. Prateek runs from there and the girl chases him. Kulvinder laughs seeing it.
Lakshya, Prateek and Ashita are hiding underneath a table to escape from the girl. Prateek reveals about the deal he had with the girl regarding making the girl his date so that he will get a hot girl as date. Lakshya is annoyed and Prateek says sorry to him. They spot the girl at a distance and gets scared. Preateek says, "RIP Lakshya Bhaiyya... RIP Ashitaji ... We will meet in next birth". They closes their eyes in fear and opens their eyes when they hear a thud sound. They see the girl unconscious and sitting on the floor. They are happy and runs from there.
Jane and Anoop are dancing to the Music. Kullu tries to grab Jane from Anoop and Anoop goes with Jane. Pradeep goes and stands next to Kullu with a sad face. Kullu asks what happened to the girl and Pradeep replies that the girl left him and went away. Pradeep tells that he has an idea and Kulvinder says that he does not need any idea. He tells that he is going to go to the stage to perform and to propose to Jane. Kullu goes from there. Pradeep is happy seeing Kullu's confidence and says that he was also thinking of the same only. Kulvinder asks the DJ to play a rocking number . He says, "Today Kulvinder from Bhagwada will remove his hearts pain and will sing for his beautiful Jane". DJ plays the Music and Kullu does a funny dance. Lakshya tries to take Kullu away from there but Kullu pushes him away. Kullu then says, "Jane... Baby! This is for you!" He removes his shirt and starts to dance. Anoop goes from there talking to someone on phone. Ashita comes near Jane and says, "Oh God! This Kulvinder has gone mad!" Jane is startled to hear the name and asks if it is Kulvinder. Ashita tells that he is Kullu. Jane goes near him. Anoop is talking to the Inspector who is outside the venue. He tells the Inspector to come inside as vulgar dance is going on. Jane slaps Anoop. The Police comes inside and takes Kulvinder from there.
The Inspector hits Kullu asking him to confess. Pradeep comes there and tells that he is  innocent. Pradeek introduces himself as son of MP Randir Paswan and future CM. He tells that he knows Kulvinder and requests them to leave him. They leave Kulvinder and he comes out of the cell. Kullu thanks Pradeek for the help. Prateek tells him that if he would have listened to his idea this would not have happened. Kullu asks about the idea and Pradeek tells him to leave it as it is of no use now (Episode ends).

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