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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Boyz Episode 2 (25th August 2015) Written Update

Boyz Episode 2 (25th August 2015) Written Update
Kings College of Law, Girls Hostel
A girl is standing near the water dispenser and drinking water. Another girl comes there and tells that she saw a Guy in the Hostel and they go in search of the Guy.
Kulvinder is hiding underneath a bed in the Girl’s Hostel and prays to God to make him invisible. The Girls look for the intruder in the Hostel with hockey sticks in hand. A girl tells another girl that the Guy may be hiding somewhere in the Hostel and not to leave him. Kabir is scared hearing it and wonders what he has done to deserve such punishment. The girl tells her friend to hit the Guy in such a manner that he will never dare to get into the Girls Hostel again. Kabir talks to himself that it looks like he has come to the boxing ring instead of Girl’s hostel.
Few hours back...
Kabir comes out from behind the Canteen counter. Prateek comes there and tells that he was looking for Kabir. Kabir tells him that he was sleeping in the Canteen and it is all because of Prateek.  Prateek tells that they can stay together in the Canteen. Kabir tells him that he can't stay there and starts to walk from there with his luggage. Kulvinder hears Lakshya talking to someone of phone that he will take good care of the rooms. Kabir gets happy thinking that he has found a solution to his problem. Prateek is surprised to see Kabir excited and asks what the reason is. Kabir tells him that he will stay with Lakshya in his bungalow. Prateek thinks that since Lakshya won’t allow a girl in his house more than one day Kabir will have to come back to him only.
Kabir and Prateek find Lakshya sitting on the stairs and join him. They try to start a conversation with him. Lakshya tells them to forget it if they are doing the drama thinking that he will allow them to stay in the Bungalow. Lakshya tells that the College is becoming boring and he has not played his game for a long time. Prateek asks him what the game is and Laksh tells him to wait and watch. Lakshya goes from there. Kabir prays to God to give Laksh him scapegoat fast so that his mood becomes good and he allows Kabir to stay in his Bungalow.
Laksh sees a girl is standing with her back turned to him looking at the Notice Board . A girl collides into her by mistake and she stumbles spilling the contents of her bag to the floor. She picks her things from the floor and gets up. The girl (Sana Sayyad) is wearing Indian attire and glasses. Prateek and Kabir also come there. Lakshya tells that he got his scapegoat and tells that it will be fun to rag juniors.Kabir tells him that they are also in first year. Lakshya tells that the girl is not aware of that. He grabs a notepad from a Guy passing by and writes something on it. Lakshya then approaches the girl for ragging her. Lakshya looks at the girl head to toe and pretends to be a senior in the College. Prateek and Kabir looks on. Lakshya asks the girl if she is new admission and asks her name. She tells him that she is new admission and her name is Ashita. He tells that she can't stay here and has to leave as she is not fit to be in the College. Ashita tells that she is a good student. Lakshya gives her the paper and tells that it is the Code of Conduct of the College. He asks her to read it aloud. She reads it, "Things to keep in mind. Wear only short dresses. As a rule, look hot every day". Prateek tells that in order to keep up the standard of the College she has to wear short dresses. She reads further,  "Wear contact lenses instead of eye glasses. Catwalk on first day". She asks what is the connection between the code of conduct and law college. Lakshya asks her how she dared to question her senior. Ashita gets scared. Prateek takes a picture of her and tells that he will tell the Dean that the girl is not following the rules. Ashita requests not to tell the Dean and agrees to follow all the rules. A Peon tells Prateek and Kabir that they have class in room number 12. Lakshya tells the girl that she has to change herself or go from the College. The Boyz go near Lakshya and Prateek tells him that they have class. Lakshya ignores them and tells that it is essential to teach first year students a lesson. Prateek takes him aside and tells that they will be in trouble if they don't attend the class. Ashita understands that Lakshya was playing a prank on her. She tells that ragging is illegal and the code of conduct paper will now go to the Dean. She tells him that he will now be thrown out of the College. Lakshya pleads her to give the paper back. Ashita stuffs the paper inside her inner wear and goes from there. Lakshya tells that if the letter goes to the Dean he will be in big trouble with his parents. Prateek says, "IMHO". Lakshya asks what it is and he says, "In my honest opinion". Prateek suggests that Laksh should change his number so that his Parents won't be able to talk to him.  Prateek tells that Kabir will get back the letter from the girl if Lakshya allows Kabir to stay in his Bungalow. Lakshya agrees. At first Kabir refuses but he agrees thinking that he will get a place to stay if he helps Laksh.
Kabir reaches the girls Hostel. Prateek and Lakshya sits at the Canteen watching his moves through the phone. Kabir follows Lakshya's instructions and stealthily gets into Ashita's room. Kabir recognizes Jane's things on the bed and gets excited. Lakshya asks him to hurry and check the baggage. Kabir finds the letter but stops when he sees ladies inner wear. Just then Ashita comes out of the washroom with a towel wrapped around her. She is shocked seeing him in the room and covers herself with another towel. She asks him what he is doing in her room and asks if he is there to install spy cam in the room. Kabir says sorry and tells that he has not done any such thing. Ashika asks him to get out pointing to the door and the towel on her shoulder falls down. Kabir looks at her open mouthed and Ashita covers herself again. Kabir apologizes to her in his broken English. She grabs his phone and sees Prateek and Lakshya. She tells that she is going to complain and goes to change. Kabir tries to make his escape but comes back to the room seeing girls outside. He hides underneath Jane's bed and the Boyz lose connection with Kabir. Prateek and Lakshya are worried that they are unaware of what is going on at the ladies hostel. Prateek suggests that they should go to the Ladies Hostel and rescue Kabir otherwise he will be RIP.
Kabir starts to move out from underneath the bed but stops when Jane walks in to the room. Jane drops the jacket she is wearing on the bed and changes her top. Kulvinder gets excited though he only sees her leg. Jane walks out and Kabir takes the jacket from the bed and is happy that he found a way to escape from the girls hostel.
Kabir comes out of the room wearing Jane's hooded jacket and clothes. When girls come near her Kabir avoids looking at them. A girl asks why he is hiding the face and Kabir tells that he has not done upper lip that's why. A girl gives a hockey stick to Kabir and tells to break the bones of the boy in the Hostel. Kabir tells himself that he will have to somehow escape from there.
Prateek and Lakshya peeps towards the Hostel corridor. Ashita sees them and questions them. Lakshya apologizes to her and requests her to save Kulvinder. Prateek also asks her to forgive Kulvinder and save him. Ashita agrees and goes in search of Kabir. She recognizes him coming down the stairs. Kabir tells her sorry. Ashita tells that she was looking for him to rescue him as his friends have come for him. Kabir says thanks to her. She tells him that she can understand why he did it and she may have done the same too if she had no place to stay as she is also from a middle class background. She takes Kabir to his friends and they are surprised to see him in his avatar. Lakshya again tells sorry to Ashita. Ashita tells him that instead of saying sorry to her she would be happy if Laksh helps Kulvinder. Lakshya agrees. Ashita says Bye to the Guys and goes from there. Lakshya tells that Kabir can stay in his house but according to Laksh's terms and conditions. Kabir agrees and asks if Prateek also can stay with them. Lakshya agrees and they have a group hug. Prateek tells that he knew that they will not leave him alone. Kabir tells that there are many brands that can be used for waxing and he thought that wax is done with candle. The Boyz laugh (Episode ends).
PreCap: Prateek and Kabir are at Lakshya's house. Lakshya tells that if they want to stay there they have to follow all the rules and regulations of the House. He shows them a costly bowl and asks them not to go anywhere near the bowl and asks them to keep the house clean. Lakshya tells them that they should not enter his room. While doing the dusting of the table Kabir breaks the bowl.

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