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Monday, August 24, 2015

Boyz Episode 1 (24th August 2015) Written Update

Kings College of Law, Mumbai.
Kullu aka Kulvinder from Punjab (Ashwini Koul) enters the College Canteen blindfolded wearing a village type underwear and shirt. A bunch of students are assembled in the room. A girl comes from behind him and he flirts with her. The girl asks him to remove his shirt and he removes it thinking that she has brought him into her room. She asks him to open his blindfold. Kabir opens his blindfold. Students laugh at him and he looks down in shame. It turns out that Kabir had tried to flirt with a senior girl and she played a prank on him. She mocks at him and returns his pants calling him ‘Brother’. He turns and walks from there with a heavy heart. As he goes out Prateek from Patna (Nikhil Mehta) enters the room.
Kabir walks with his luggage through the College corridor. He stops and talks to himself that he came to Mumbai from Phagwara to escape from the Brother zone but here also he was taken for a ride. He recalls his time at his mother’s sweet shop at Bhagwara where is tries to get close to a girl. The shop assistant helps him by taking him mother away from the shop keeper seat with the excuse of checking the sweets and Kabir takes her place. The girl comes to the shop and Kabir welcomes her in his broken English. He asks her what she wants and the girl asks him what the best thing in the shop is. Kabir tells that the best thing is sitting in front of her. He asks her if she will eat it now or have it gift wrapped. He then tells that whatever she wants is available. She tells to pack sweets and snacks for 10 people. Kabir asks his assistant to pack the sweets and offers her halwa free saying ‘special offer’. When she asks how much money he tells her to give whatever she wishes. He takes the money and gives her the bag. His mother hears it all and keeps smiling.  Kabir asks her if any Party is happening in her house and the girl tells him that a boy is coming to see her. Kabir is sad hearing the girl praising the boy and she thanks him saying, ‘Thank you Brother’. Kabir grabs the bag from her and expresses his interest on her. He accuses her of smiling at him and ditching him. She tells him that she smiles when taking selfie also and that does not mean that she will marry a phone. She walks away and Kabir is annoyed. He tells his mother that he wants to leave the city as all the girls there are conspiring against him. He tells her that he is fed up as every girl he likes puts him in the brother zone. His mother asks him what he will do. Kabir looks at the paper and sees news regarding law students. He tells his mother that he wants to become a lawyer and his mother faints hearing it. Kabir talks to himself saying that now that he has convinced his mother and have come to Mumbai there is no stopping him. Kabir comes out of the Building and sees Prateek with two girls. He thinks that he should make friends with the Guy as his charm can be of help to him. Prateek tells that Deepika and Kareena are his property and they all grew up together. He shows them the picture on his mobile and the girls walk away. It turns out that he was talking about two buffalos. Prateek spots Kabir and goes near him calling him Dhannu. Prateek shows Kabir the buffalo photo on his mobile. Kabir tells him that he is Kulvinder but Prateek tells him that he will call him Dhannu only. Prateek reveals that he knows about the morning incident and tells that he is with him.
Kabir and Prateek are at the Canteen.  Prateek tells Kabir that students will forget everything after a while. Kabir ogles at a hot girl and Prateek gives him the details of the girl. He tells Kabir that he has seen the girl on FB and she is a huge Ranbir fan. Prateek asks Kabir to approach her Ranbir style. Kabir approaches the girl and first she plays along. She then slaps him telling that he poisoned her boyfriend’s mind against her. She slaps him again and again saying he is why she is single. She warns him and then walks away.  Prateek tells him not to take things to heart. Kabir takes his luggage and starts to walk from there. Prateek offers him help finding hostel room.
Prateep and Kabir are sitting. Prateek keep belching as girls passes by. He tells Kabir that he is very sensitive and burps when he sees hot girls. A dog comes near them and Prateek is scared. Jane (Jasmin Avasia) comes there saying ‘Puchkoo my baby’. The Guys get up and watches her walking towards them open mouthed. She goes to Prateek and hugs him while Kabir watches them open mouthed. Jane kisses him on his cheek and Prateek kisses back Kabir imagining him to be Jane. Jane picks up the dog and walks from there without looking at the Guys. Kabir tells that the dog is so lucky and he sees his future in the dog. Prateek sees that he sees his present in the dog and makes a barking sound. Jane turns and stares at the Guys before walking from there.
Prateek and Kabir starts walking again. Kabir tells him that if he does not get a room he will murder Prateek and fight his own case. Just then they see a Guy coming to the parking lot in a bike with a girl behind him. The Guy stops the bike and the girl falls off the bike. The girl gets up and the Guy does nothing to help her. Lakshya from Mumbai (Kunal Khosla) is introduced. Prateek tells that the Guy is Lakshya and the Indian version of Tom Cruise for girls. He tells that the Guy is Hritik Roshan for Boys and describes the Guy. Prateek tells him that he knows the Guy and extends his hand for shake hands as Lakshya passes by. Lakshya ignores Prateek and walks into the College Building. Prateek suggests that they should go to the class. Kabir tells that he has to look for hostel. Prateek tells not to worry and that they should not miss Miss Chatterjee’s class.
Prateek and Kabir reach the class. Jane is also sitting in a chair in the classroom. Prateek goes near Lakshya and introduces himself and Kabir. Lakshya does not show any interest. Kabir extends his hand and introduces himself. Lakshya takes his name wrongly and says hi. Prateek embarrasses Laksh saying, ‘you do me on Facebook I do you’. Prateek then tells Lakshya that he is Prateek from Patna. Lakshya corrects the sentence, "I do know you!" and they get into a conversation. Prateek tells him that he follows Laksh on all Social Media sites. Prateek asks Lakshya why he didn’t help the girl up. Laksh tells that he does not repeat girls and clothes. Lakshya tells about his experience with a girl with whom he was about to get intimate but makes an excuse after hearing her talk to her boyfriend on phone. Lakshya tells that a girl should be like suspense and once the secret is finished all excitement vanishes. Prateek hugs Laksh enthusiastically and Kabir pulls him apart. Just then the Bengali teacher Ms Chatterjee (Navina Bhole) walks in to the class and the 3 boys ogle at her. She tells them that if they think that they can chase her away with their looks they are wrong. She tells them that she will make them fail instead. Prateek whispers that he wishes that she makes him fail all the time. She hears it and asks Prateek what he said. Prateek tells her that he said nothing.
Kabir reaches the registration counter and finds that all the Hostel rooms are full. The Receptionist tells him that if he wanted the room he should have come on time.
Kabir is sitting at the Canteen and Prateek comes and sits opposite him. Prateek tells Kabir that he is hungry and Kabir gets annoyed. Kabir accuses Prateek that it because of him that he still has no room. Prateek goes from there after saying, "ttyl... No...ttyn talk to you never". Kabir talks to himself and says that he neither has the money nor the room. He says that he has to find a way out and wonders what to do.
PreCap: Ashmita (Sana Sayyad) reads a list, ‘Wear only short dresses. Look hot every day’. She tells the Boyz that she will show this list to the Dean. Lakshya tries to takes it back from her but she inserts the letter inside her top.  Ashmita comes out of the wash room and sees Kabir in the room. She calls her friend and Kabir hides underneath the bed. Ashmita tells her friend that the Guy should be in the room only and suggests that she take all frustration out on the Guy. Kabir wonders what he has done.

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