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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Boyz Episode 3 (26th August 2015) Written Update

Boyz Episode 3 (26th August 2015) Written Update
Two Hospital Attendants brings Kabir to a Nurse in a Hospital trolley. He has his one hand in pocket and he screams. He tells the Nurse to save him. The Nurse tells him that if he do wrong deeds at night that was supposed to happen. Kabir tells her that she is not understanding what happened to him and asks her to look. Prateek comes there and tells that he is with Kullu as his best friend.Kullu gets annoyed and shouts at him. The Nurse shouts at then both to shut up. Just then the phone inside Kabir's pocket vibrates and Kabir's whole body shivers. Kabir asks Prateek to take the phone out. Prateek asks him if he will put hashtag hospitalized in the photo.The phone vibrates again and Kabir starts shaking again. He tells the nurse that when she touches him vibrations start in his body and the nurse slaps him. He tells that he is having pain. Prateek tells that he will have pain when he is out of the Hospital. Prateek reminds Kabir that Lakshya had told that he would be thrown out of the house if he breaks any rules and Kabir broke the rules thrice.
Few hours back...
Lakshya brings Kabir and Prateek to his house. Kabir and Prateek are impressed seeing the house. Lakshya tells that they have to follow all the rules and regulations of the house if they want to stay there. He tells that they should not touch anything without asking him. He stops Prateek from touching a bowl with yellow liquid and tells that his mother got it from Himalayas from her Guruji. He tells that it is his lucky charm and warns them not to go anywhere near the bowl. Lakshya brings them to the Kitchen and tells that they should keep everything clean. Laksh tells that he pays rent to his Uncle so they should pay rent. Kulvinder tells that if he had the money he would not have come there and offers too cook for Lakshya. Lakshya asks them how much rent they will pay. Kabir and Prateek look at each other. Prateek asks him how much he will take and Lakshya asks for forty thousand Rupees as rent.Kabir and Prateek look at each other again and Prateek agrees to the amount.
Lakshya comes into his room along with Kabir and finds Prateek lying on the bed. Lakshya tells that as per his rule number two entering his room is prohibited. He tells that if he comes with a girl they should not get out of their rooms. He tells them that they are not allowed to make noise, party or bring guests there. Lakshya and Kabir drags Prateek forcefully out of the room.
It's night. Prateek and Kabir are sleeping in the bed. Prateek rolls in his sleep and kicks Kabir. Kabir falls down. He goes to the toilet and gets confused seeing the toilet bowl as he has no idea how to use them. He sits on top of it in an awkward manner.
Lakshya wakes up hearing the breaking sound. He goes and wakes up Prateek. They hear Kabir calling for Prateek and breaks the washroom door. They find Kabir sitting on the floor and the toilet bowl broken. Lakshya scolds Kabir and tells that Kabir should get it repaired. Lakshya calls them idiots and goes of there. Kabir is worries as to how he will get it repaired as he has no money. Prateek tells him that he will handle it in return for the notes in College.
Kabir dreams of someone ringing the door bell. Kabir goes and opens the door with toilet paper hanging around his neck. Jane comes in saying that she was jogging near by and came to use the washroom. She uses the toilet paper to wipe her face. She asks him why he is shivering in such heat. Kabir replies that she is very hot. Kabir tells her that he broke the toilet bowl and Jane gets naughty with Kabir. She tells that washroom was an excuse and she came to meet him only. She stuffs the toilet paper into his mouth.
Kabir is sleeping with toilet paper in his mouth. Pradeep wakes him up by sprinkling water on his face. He tells Kabir to get up and make breakfast for Lakshya as promised.Kabir prays to God to show such dreams of Jane everyday and asks how long he will have to be contented with just dreams.
Kabir is in the Kitchen trying to make Roti but he is not able to do it properly. He takes eggs in his hand and starts to dance Honey Singh style. He accidentally throws an egg on the wall. Laksh comes to the Kitchen asking for Breakfast. Kabir tries to hide the egg on the wall but Laksh sees it. Laksh tells that it is Kabir's second mistake. He warns Kabir that if he does another mistake he will be thrown out of the house. Prateek also comes to the Kitchen. Lakshya tells him that a friend will be coming to the house and ask to clean everything.Prateek tells that Kabir's luck is very bad at the moment. Kabir tells that he is feeling sad. Prateek tells him to clean up the house well so that Lakshya becomes happy.
Prateek and Kulvinder starts cleaning the House. Pradeep starts cleaning the floor with a mop while Kullu does the dusting. While doing the dusting Kabir accidentally breaks the bowl with yellow liquid. Kabir asks Prateek to help him with a solution. Just then Laksh rings the door bell and calls Prateek and Kabir. They both get scared. Prateek finds a similar bowl and tells that they have to fill the bowl with urine as it has the same color. They both fill the bowl with urine. Pradeep then opens the door while Kullu puts the bowl in place. Lakshya scolds them for not opening the door.  Lakshya notices that Kabir is sweating and asks if what the problem is. Kabir tells him that there is no problem. Lakshya tells that he has a massive headache and needs therapy. He dips his fingers in the urine and applies it on his forehead for relief. He massages with the liquid and says that he is feeling better. Lakshya tells them that a friend is coming in the evening and asks them to stay in their room itself. Laksha notices that Kabir is uneasy and again asks him the reason. Prateek tells that Kabir is tired. Lakshya dips his hands in the urine and proceeds to apply it on Kabir telling that he will feel better. Kabir avoids being touched. Lakshya tells that it is Kabir's loss and massages his forehead with it saying he is feeling very good.
It's night and Lakshya reaches his home with the girl. Kabir who was doing some crafts notices them and tries to get into his room but finds it closed. He calls Prateek but gets no response. He thinks that if Lakshya sees him outside he will be in trouble. So he runs to Lakshya room and hides behind the curtain. Lakshya brings the girl to the room. They both sit on the bed. The girl says I love you to Laksh and starts seducing him. Lakshya says in mind that he is aware that the girl just wants to get physical with him. The girl starts to kiss him and Laksh stops her saying that he is having a headache and needs rest. The girl gets aggressive and tells that she will relieve him off all pain. She starts kissing him. Just then Kullu's phone vibrates and he stuffs it inside his shorts. His hand gets stuck inside his shorts because of the strong glue he applied on his hand while doing crafts. The girl advances towards Lakshya. Lakhsya gets up and moves backwards towards the curtain as the girl walks towards him. He moves back and collides into Kullu who is hiding behind the curtain. The girl sees Kulvinder and runs away from the room.Lakshya asks what Kabir is doing there and notices the hand inside his shorts. Kabir tells him that it is not what he thinks and requests him to call the ambulance. Lakshya shouts, "Disgusting! Creep!"
Kulvinder is fine and reaches the Hall with his luggage all set to go from there as he has broken all the rules of Lakshya. Lakshya stops him and tells he can stay in the house. Kabir asks Laksh if he has  forgiven him. Lakshya tells him that he was trying to chase that girl and Kabir helped him in that. Lakshya tells that he will chase Kabir out of the house if he breaks another rule and Kabir nods. Prateek comes there and hugs Lakshya. He tells that he was aware that Lakshya won't let Kabir go as his heart is very big. Laksh tells that if he has any problem he can use the liquid in the bowl for luck. Laksh offers them his lucky charm liquid for applying when going for the Freshers Party. Prateek and Kabir nods no.
PreCap: Laksh tells a girl that he can't go to the Freshers Party with that girl and hugs Ashita telling that he is going with her. Prateek tells that he will as Ms Chatterjee as his date. Lakshya tells that Ms Chatterjee likes Orchids. Prateek approaches Ms Chatterjee with a bunch of Orchids and she starts sneezing. She tells that she hates Orchids and beats Prateek. Jane comes with a cake in hand and asks who kept it in her room.Kabir starts to get up. Jane gets angry and shouts, "How dare you?"

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