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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Boyz Episode 8 (2nd September 2015) Written Update

Boyz Episode 8 (2nd September 2015) Written Update
Prateek is in the hall. He says that since everything is neat now there is no need to take tension and Lakshya will we happy seeing it. He then sees smoke coming out of his room and says, “Fire in the mountain? Run…run…run… hashtag SOS”. He reaches his room and sees smoke in the room.  Kullu and Jane are on the bed with hands held and moving as if they are vibrating. Prateek tells that he did not see anything and says telling that he thought that there is fire somewhere. He says, “Yeah… There is fire…hashtag fire of passion”. Kulvinder asks Prateek to save him.  Kully says, “Kept house party and thought everything will rock but here shock happened”.
Previous day at College…
Prateek and Kullu are at the College. Kulvinder tells that he came to Mumbai thinking that girls will take interest on him but nobody even looks at him. Prateek tells that the problem is in the name and if Kulvinder changes his name things will work out for him. Prateek tells that they will throw a house party to get girls closer to them. Kulvinder tells that Lakshya will throw them out of the Bungalow. Prateek tells that he will handle Lakshya and asks Kullu to make the arrangements for the Party while he handles the invitations for the Party.
Prateek and Kulvinder try to convince Laksh regarding the Party but he refuses. He tells that his Uncle may come to check on his anytime and he cannot allow them to throw a party in the Bungalow. Kulvinder tells Prateek that now they will be in a soup as they have invited a lot of people. Prateek tells that he knows how to manipulate Lakshya.
Lakshya and Kullu are doing pushups. Prateek comes there with 2 glasses of whey protein and gives it to them. Lakshya drinks it and falls unconscious. Prateek tells that he had mixed raw bhang tablets in the drink. He tells that Laksh will now wake up only next day and now they can have the house party at night. They are happy and dance.
Kulvinder uses the plug point in his room and joins two wires for the lighting arrangements in the Hall. He then helps Prateek with the food and drink arrangements. They then put Lakshya in his room and open the door for the guys who have come for the Party. The Guys enter the house. Kulvinder gets angry at Prateek for calling only Guys for the Party. Prateek tells that he has called the girls also and that Jane will come for the Party. Kulvinder closes the door but opens it again when they hear a screaming sound. They see Ashita sitting on the floor. Kullu extends his hand to help Ashita up but leaves it to wave when he sees Jane. Jane walks inside and Ashita looks at Kullu furiously. Kulvinder apologizes to Ashita and helps her up. Pooja also comes there and greets them. Prateek tells that he got a lot of food and asks her to help herself. Jane comes near them and asks if they have organized the party. They nod and she asks for Gullu. Prateek tells that Gullu is on the way and will come on time. Jane goes inside. Kulvinder asks Prateek why he said on the way when he is standing next to him.  Prateek tells him that Jane was asking for Kullu who is the Superstar of the College and football player. He tells that he called Jane telling that Gullu will be there in the Party otherwise she would not have come.
Kullu decides to approach Jane but stops when he sees Lakshya coming to the Hall. He shows Lakshya to Prateek. The girl Puja is standing with Laksh’s lucky charm bowl in her hand and is happy seeing Laksh. Prateek tells Kullu to handle Puja while he handles Laksh. Prateek makes Laksh drink shots and pushes him back to the room. Kulvinder tells that she can see Laksh later and asks her to go and have food. She asks what is there in food. Kulvinder tells her that Samosa is there and the girl goes from there. Ashita asks Kullu what sort of Party it is and asks if there is no food. Kullu tells that there is time for food and asks her not to eat his brain. Ashita slaps him and goes from there. Jane asks if anyone can get an opener for the Beer bottle. Kullu volunteers for help and tells that he tries to open the bottle with his teeth but fails. Jane opens the bottle using her teeth.  She mocks him saying that in Punjab he may have opened milk bottles.
The doorbell rings. Prateek tells everyone that he has a surprise for them and goes to open the door. Miss Chatterjee in modern avatar walks in with a whip in her hand.  She addresses him as Proteek and Prateek says, “Miss Chatterjee hashtag wild love come true”.  Prateek tells that he never imagined her like that. She tells him that he has troubled her a lot and that she has come to punish him. Prateep says, “I am the bad boy… Prateek Paswan… I am your man! Hashtag kinky hashtag BSDM. Please hit me!” He turns his back to her and she hits him with the whip. The students are shocked to see Miss Chatterjee like that. Prateek tells that he would like to see her dance and asks if she is the same Mrs Chatterjee. She tells that she is the twin sister. The students are surprised hearing it. She walks to the hall and dance to the song, “Darling!” Students watch her open mouthed. Prateek also goes and dance with her.  Kullu stands next to Jane and makes the dancing moves too. Jane asks Kullu where his room is and Kullu points it to her. Jane goes from there. Prateek comes near Kullu and tells that Jane was giving signal to Kullu.
The room is semi-dark and Kullu enters the room. Jane is sitting on the bed. Jane asks, “Gullu is that you honey? Come to me my baby! How much more will you make me wait? ” Kullu is happy hearing it and says to himself that he asked for 3G and got unlimited Broadband. He slaps himself to make sure that he is not dreaming. He walks towards Jane and keeps his foot on the wire he had joined but got detached. He gets shock and falls back to the bed with the wire stuck to his foot. Jane too lies on the bed. She touches his hands and she also gets shock (Episode ends).

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