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Monday, September 14, 2015

Boyz Episode 16 (14th September 2015) Written Update

Boyz Episode 16 (14th September 2015) Written Update
Kulwinder and Prateek are lying on the bed with their heads hanging down. Kulvinder says that they challenged Anoop that they will take Jane and Ms Chatterjee on a date and wonders how they will do that. Kullu says that if they won't win the challenge then they will end up in trouble.
Kulwinder and Prateek are standing near the Lockers. Kulwinder watches Jane applying lipstick while Prateek looks at Ms Chatterjee who is walking through the corridor. Anoop comes there with a Guy and asks if they are capable of doing anything other than just watching. Kullu and Prateek tells that they can attract Jane and Ms Chatterjee in no time. Anoop gives the 3 days time and asks Kullu to lure Jane and Prateek to get Ms Chatterjee to go on a date. Prateek readily agrees and agrees for a bet of Rupees Five Thousand. Anoop tells that children make such bets and not adults. Anup tells them that if they fail they have to go with each other on a date and put a Facebook status update saying, "Dinner with my love". Prateek agrees to the bet and says that they will do as Anoop says if they lose and tells him that he should salute them every morning if he loses. Anoop agrees and goes from there with his friend. Kullu is annoyed and tells that he does not want to go on date with Prateek. Prateek tells that they definitely will go for the date but he will go with Ms Chatterjee and Kullu will go with Jane.
Jane and Ashita are at the Library and talking on their mobile phones. Jane scolds someone for stock finished. Ashita also talks to someone and says that she needs the journal urgently as it is exams. Jane and Ashmita realizes that they both are talking about the same thing. Jane tells that Asmita is used to it but it is her first time. Ashita comforts her saying not to worry as exams is only next week. Jane tells that she is feeling jealous of others. Ashita tells her that it is healthy to feel jealous as it means Jane wants to improve. Jane tells that it is not healthy and asks Ashita to look at the split ends on her hair. Ashita asks Jane which journal she was talking about and Jane replies that she was talking about Hair Care September issue. Ashita asks what is the connection of her Hair Care September issue and exams. Jane asks her how she will go to the exam hall with such bad hair. Kullu comes near the girls. Kullu tells Jane that her hair is bad and asks her out to the Coffee shop. Jane gets annoyed and asks Kullu if he is making fun of her. Ashita signals Kullu to go from there and Kullu goes from there.
Kullu comes out of the Library and collides into Prateek. Prateek tells that Kullu looks happy and asks him what happened. Kullu tells that he told Jane to go on a date with him and asks what the status of his date is.  Prateek tells that he went to Ms Chatterjee and she hugged him. Kullu asks Prateek where he is planning to take Ms Chatterjee and Prateek tells that he is planning to go to a Five Star Hotel. Prateek tells that he will put the Facebook status as, "Having fun with super star in five star". Kullu tells that Jane wants to eat Indian food so he is taking her to the Dhaba on the Highway. Anoop comes there and mocks at them saying that he knew they won't be able to do anything. Kullu tells that Prateek is taking Ms Chatterjee to a five star hotel. Prateek tells Anoop that Kullu is taking Jane to the Dhaba. Anoop makes fun of them saying that they have 3 days in hand and goes from there. Kullu and Prateek scolds each other for lying. Kullu asks Prateek what they would do as there is no one to give advice also. Prateek says, "Hashtag love Guru... hashtag where are you?" Just then they see Lakshya coming with two girls. Lakshya passes by with the girls. Prateek and Kullu looks at each other and smiles.
At night, Lakshya comes out of the washroom and finds Kullu and Prateek lying on his bed. Prateek and Kullu compliments Lakshya on his body and dressing sense. Lakshya tells that they are freaking him out. Kullu pushes him to the bed and Lakshya gets scared. He asks them what they are doing. Prateek asks Lakshya for help. Kullu tells Lakshya about their bet with Anoop. Prateek tells that if they lose the bet they have to go together on a date and put a selfie on Facebook with status, "Bisexual". Lakshya asks them why he should help. Kullu asks for tips to impress. Prateek asks Lakshya how to be a Casanova. Lakshya tells in mind that both of them have pestered him so much and now he got a chance to take revenge. Lakshya pushes them to the bed and they get scared. Kullu asks Lakshya if he will have to lose his honor for the sake of tips. Prateek tells Lakshya that they are not that sort of Guys and they like only ladies. Lakshya asks them to shut up and tells that MBA is the foolproof method to impress girls. He further explains that M stands for Macho, B stands for Body language and A stands for Avoid being available. Lakshya tells that girls like mystery and once the mystery is gone the game is over. Lakshya teases them telling that they can't do it. Prateek and Kullu tells that they will do it. Lakshya wishes them good luck and asks them to get out of his room.
Prateek and Kullu are in their room trying to exercise. Lakshya comes to the room and sees them. Laksh tells that he will work out with them and teach them. He does a warm up session with them and make them exercise by helping them. He then tells that they will start the work out and both faints.
Kulvinder and Prateek are walking through the college corridor. They are unable to walk properly because of the previous day work out. Lakshya goes near them and makes fun of them. He gives them a pep talk encouraging them. He informs Kullu that Jane is in the Canteen and tells Prateek that Ms Chatterjee is in the corridor.
Jane is in the Canteen checking her phone. Kullu goes and sits opposite her. He calls the waiter and asks for healthy food. The Waiter tells it's not there and he shouts at him. Jane asks Kullu why he is shouting. The waiter keeps two plates of samosa on the table. Kullu compliments Jane and tells that yellow color suits her. Kullu offers Samosa to Jane and she says no to it. Kullu tells that he forgot that she does not eat oily food. He starts to eat the samosa but suddenly remembers Laksh telling about using fork and knife while eating food. Kullu uses the fork and knife to cut the samosa. He again compliments Jane and tells her that her lip gloss looks good. Jane is happy hearing it. She tells that it has Vitamin A, B and all. Kullu gets excited and says that his lunch also does not have that much vitamins. He tells that whenever he gets sick he will take kiss from her.  Jane does not hear it. Just then Anup comes there and sees Kullu with Jane. Kullu tries cutting the samosa using the knife and a piece falls on Jane's top. Jane shouts at Kullu. Anup comes there and takes Jane's side. He makes fun of Kullu and asks if anyone eats samosa using fork.
Prateek sees Ms Chatterjee standing in the corridor and calls her name. Prateek recalls Laksh saying that girls like gentle and sophisticated men. He walks slowly towards Ms Chatterjee and Prateek thinks that she is impressed by him. Ms Chatterjee tells someone that she will be with that person shortly. She tells Prateek that she is in a hurry and goes from there.
Jane is standing near the locker trying to open the lock of her locker. Kullu passes by and she calls him for help. Kullu recalls Laksh telling to avoid the girl if he wants her to notice him. He scolds her and speaks to her harshly. Jane starts to cry. Anoop comes there and comforts her. Jane tells him that Kullu is so mean and spoke harshly to her. Anup tells that he will help her and hits the lock opening it. He takes the lock and throws it on Kullu's face and he falls down.
Ms Chatterjee is walking through the corridor with a bundle of books in hand. She sees Prateek and calls him for help. Prateek pretends not to see her and collides into her. They both fall down. Anup comes there with his friend and helps Ms Chatterjee. Anup scolds Prateek for pushing Ms Chatterjee instead of helping her. Ms Chatterjee tells that he was ignoring her. Prateek tells that from previous night he is not able to hear anything properly. Anup tells Ms Chatterjee that it looks like Prateek is doing drugs. Prateek gets annoyed hearing it and denies it. Anoop tells that Prateek can hear everything and he was lying. Ms Chatterjee calls Prateek, "Insensitive fellow" and goes from there. Kullu comes there and Anoop tells that they both lose the bet. Anoop tells them that now they should go on their happy date, click selfie and post it on Facebook. Kullu and Prateek walks from there and Anup comments, "hashtag lovely people".
Prateek and Kullu are at home looking at their photo posted on Facebook. Prateek tells that they got 300 likes in an hour and their picture has become more popular than Honey Singh video. Kullu is annoyed and scolds Prateek. He tells Prateek that girls are posting comments thinking that they are a couple. Lakshya comes there and Kullu shows him their picture. Laksh congratulates them and tells that they successfully passed MBA. He tells them that there is no formula for attracting girls. He tells that they should be themselves and not try to be artificial. Prateek is happy hearing it and asks if that will work. Lakshya says yes. Prateek hugs Lakshya and Kullu also joins them (Episode ends).

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