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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Boyz Episode 7 (1st September 2015) Written Update

Boyz Episode 7 (1st September 2015) Written Update
Kullu is been chased by a Gay guy and he hides. He says, “If the Guy catches you he will burn your circuit”.
Few hours before
Students are in the classroom. Jane is talking with her pet dog Puchkoo . Pradeep comes to the class and greets the girls but nobody responds.  Lakshya also walks in a silently occupies a seat. Kulvinder stands at the door and looks at Jane with her dog. He imagines himself in the place of the dog and visualizes Jane putting him. He imagines himself barking and following her. In real he is standing in front of Miss Chatterjee and making a barking noise. The students look at him in surprise.  Mrs Chatterjee tells Kullu that she will throw him out of the class. She pulls his ear and asks why he is barking. Kullu tells that he does not have vehicle to use parking. Pradeep comes to Kullu’s rescue and tells that he has stomach troubles and is unwell. Mrs Chatterjee asks them to go and sit. She then tells them about the extracurricular activities workshop and that everyone needs to participate in it. She tells to fill the forms on the table and submit it in the Canteen. Kulvinder asks if people will eat samosa’s on their forms. Ms Chatterjee tells that they should submit the forms in the drop box kept in the canteen.  Prateek asks what she would be teaching and Mrs Chatterjee tells that she would be teaching self defense. She tells that whoever is interested can join her workshop. She tells that there are numerous other activities like cooking, knitting, yoga etc and that they can choose the activity they like. Ashika thinks that she will teach a lesson to Lakshya for making fun of her on the Freshers party day. Ms Chatterjee tells them not to forget to submit the form and goes from there. Prateek is happy and tells that he has decided to join Mrs Chatterjee’s class. Lakshya tells them that they won’t change and tells that he is going for kickboxing. Prateek and Kullu go to the Canteen.
Prateek and Kulvinder are sitting in the Canteen. A box for activity forms is kept on a table.  Kullu tells that he will see what activity Jane is choosing and will choose the same. He asks what activity Jane may choose. Prateek says dart game and Kullu imagines Jane throwing dart at him. He tells that she won’t choose such a game and tells to say another possible option. Pradeek tells Bakery and Kullu imagines Jane making him lick the dough from her fingers and start to suck his finger. Jane comes to the Canteen, drops her activity form in the drop box and goes from there. They look at her form and see that Jane has chosen ballet. Kullu is happy and says that it is like bangda.
Kullu comes to the class and is happy seeing hot girls in the room.  He walks in and greets the girls. The girls are surprised to see him in Ballet class. One girl tells that she thinks that Kullu may be a Gay. Jane tells that she was suspicious too and says that he is weird. Jane tells that now that they know about it they will not feel uncomfortable when he is around them. She smiles at Kullu and he happily smiles at her.  He runs to him and hugs him. A Gay teacher comes and is happy seeing Kullu among girls. The teacher tells that for learning Ballet, wearing the ballet dress is necessary and gives a dress to Kullu for wearing. Kullu comes out wearing the dress. The teacher tells everyone to take positions. He tells them to stretch their hands and legs. He tells that he like Guys and especially those who do ballet. Jane tells Kullu that there is nothing wrong if he likes Guys. Kullu asks himself if they all are thinking that he is Gay. The teacher tells that they are similar. Kullu tells that he is not like that that tries to run from there. Jane tells him that love is blind and no need to be ashamed of his sexuality.
Pooja hugs Lakshya from behind. She tells him that she knows that he has joined her Club to make her feel good. She tells that she has been doing it from childhood. Lakshya imagines Puja doing kickboxing. He starts to enter the kickboxing class and Puja drags him to the knitting class telling that their class is there. He shouts at her saying why he would do knitting. Ashita comes out of the room and tells that he had written knitting on his form. Ashita recalls taking Lakshya’s form out of the box and writing knitting in it. Puja drags him to the class telling that they will make sweater.
Pradeek comes to Mrs Chatterjee's self defense class. He is happy seeing Mrs Chatterjee in modern avatar and says in mind, “hashtag Bong beauty”.  She tells that she needs a volunteer to demonstrate emergency self defense techniques. Prateek volunteers and Mrs Chatterjee asks Prateek if he really wants to volunteer because she will try all the techniques on him. Prateek mutters that is exactly what he wants.  She demonstrates 3 self defense moves on him. Prateek is hurt but pretends he is fine. Mrs Chatterjee thanks him for helping.
Kulvinder tells Jane that he is not of that type and holds a girls hand asking what happened before the class. The girl slaps him. Jane also slaps him saying that he is crazy.
In the Self defense class, the girls try self defense techniques on Prateek and he screams in pain. He runs off from there.
Lakshya is in the knitting class and Puja pricks him with the knitting needle. Ashita mocks him and Lakshya goes from the class telling that he is thirsty.
Kullu runs from the class and the teacher chases him. The teacher finds him. Kullu tricks him and runs from there.
Prateek and Lakshya are in the Deans room. Lakshya tells that the girl will put a lot of holes on his body and asks him to put him in any other Club. Prateek tells that his whole body is paining. Kulvinder also comes running to the room. He tells that he also wants to change his club. He tells that he went to learn dance but the intentions of the teacher is not honorable. The Dean tells that he cannot do anything as it is against the rules of the College. He tells them that they will have to stay in the same Club till semester ending and asks them to get out of the room (Episode ends).

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