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Friday, September 11, 2015

Boyz Episode 15 (11th September 2015) Written Update

Boyz Episode 15 (11th September 2015) Written Update
Kulwinder is in the Canteen with Prateek. Jane comes to the Canteen calling his name. Kulwinder runs and hides underneath a table. Ashita also comes there calling Kulwinder. Jane tells that Kulwinder had promised to teach her otherwise she would fail. Ashita tells that she wants her notes back and asks Kulwinder to come out from where he is hiding. Kullu says to himself, "Behind every successful man there is a female and behind every unsuccessful gent there are two of them. I wanted to pass and if they find me, My life will fail".
Few Hours earlier...
Lakshya comes to the class and mocks Kullu-Prateek asking if they are having hangover. He sees the bag Kullu is having with him and tells that it is his bag. Kullu tells that Lakshya was not there to ask and Lakshya raises his hand to hit Kullu. Prateek comes to Kullu's defense and hugs Lakshya. Lakshya calls them idiots and goes and occupies a chair in the class. Jane also comes to the class and occupies a chair. Ashita observes Jane and tells that she can remove the dark shade glasses she is wearing as there is no sunlight in the class. Jane gives the excuse of UV Rays following for ten minutes after walking two minutes in sun. Ashita laughs and hits on Jane's shoulder and the glasses fall on the table revealing black patch underneath one eye. Jane tells that at the Party the previous day some idiot forced her to dance with him and she fell. She tells that it will take at least 10 days to recover and she has no idea what to do. Ashita suggests Jane to wear black eye shadow underneath the other eye and Jane is happy that it will give her a Gothic look. The Boyz smile hearing it. Prateek goes near Kullu and shows him the video of Kullu trying to forcefully dance with Jane. Jane stares at Kullu in anger. Just then Mrs Chatterjee walks in and greets the class. She tells the class that she is conducting a test on general principles of contract and those who fail would have to attend the extra lectures of the Dean. Everyone except Ashita looks unhappy. Prateek tells that if Mrs Chatterjee was giving the lectures they would have failed happily. Jane says that her Dad will block her credit card if she fails. Ms Chatterjee asks them to be silent and saying the topper will get extra marks. Ashita is happy and smiles widely. Ashita mocks the Boyz and Jane for making fun of her and asks them to show their skills by topping the class.
The Boyz are at the Canteen. Kullu says that he will say sorry to Jane for previous day night and then they will study together. He tells that he will teach Jane and Lakshya laughs at him. Prateek mocks him saying that he will make Jane fail also. Lakshya also mocks him calling the flop hero of Bhagwada and asks him from where he will bring the notes. Kullu sees Ashita and is happy. Prateek tells that she won't give Kullu the notes. Kulwinder tells that there is no harm in trying. He suggests Prateek to take help from Ms Chatterjee so that all can pass the exam. Lakshya tells them that they decided to study together and asks if they are ditching him for the 'Behenji'. Lakshya tells that Ashita is stupid and tells that he can prove it. Lakshya goes near Ashita and she tells that she knew that Lakshya will definitely come to her. Lakshya tells that he did not want to but did not have any other option. Ashita tells him that it is okay to compromise with his ego at times and tells that she is the best. Lakshya agrees and asks for Hundred rupees change. Lakshya mocks her asking if she thought he is going to ask her notes. Ashita asks him to get lost and Lakshya goes from there.
Jane comes near Ashita and tells that she does not care about the test and asks her to teach. Ashita asks Jane why she should teach her. Jane tells her that if people sees Ashita with her then Ashita's popularity would increase. Jane tells that people would know that Ashita exists and that she would get a lot of friend requests on FB. Kulwinder and Prateek nods their heads in agreement. Ashita rejects Jane and goes from there. Anoop comes to the Canteen and asks about Puchkoo. He asks Jane if she is tensed because of the test and offers to teach her. Kulwinder goes near them and tells that Anoop is a fake teacher while he is 100% certified. They both try to impress Jane by talking against each other. Anoop tells that he has the experience and Kullu says that Anoop has been failing for four years. Kullu tells that he has Ashita's notes and Jane asks him to teach her. Janes leaves from there and Anoop goes behind her trying to convince her. Prateek is happy for Kulwinder. Kullu wonders how he will get Ashita's notes for teaching Jane.
Prateek is passing by the Teachers room and spots Mrs Chatterjee. She is sitting on a chair and checking the exam answer papers. Prateek thinks that when he has the entire library at his disposal how he can fail. Ms Chatterjee checks a answer paper and says, "pass". Prateek thinks that she is calling him near and takes a step forward. Every time Ms Chatterjee says, "pass" he takes a step forward. She looks at a paper and says that it looks like she has to teach everything. Prateek says, "Please teach!" Ms Chatterjee is surprised to see Prateek in front of her and tells him to go and prepare for the test. She scolds him and calls him a pervert in Bengali. Prateek thinks that she is saying something fondly and gets happy hearing it.
Kulwinder comes to the Canteen and tricks the students to leave from there. Ashita comes there and Kullu pretends to be talking to his Grandmother on mobile.  He says he will fail and asks for tickets to Bhagwada. He talks about being from a middle class family and no one willing to help by giving notes. Ashita removes her ear phones and waves at Kullu. Kullu is sad that his efforts went waste. Suddenly his mobile rings. Ashita asks how his mobile rang as he was talking. Kulwinder falls on Ashita's feet and asks her to save him. Ashita tells him that she knows that he needs her notes to impress Jane. Kullu denies and tells that he would fail if she does not help him. Ashita agrees to give the notes on the condition that if she needs his help in future he would not say no. Kulvinder agrees to it.  Ashita gives the notes and asks him to return it within an hour after photocopying. Kulvinder runs out with the notes and jumps in joy. Suddenly he feels the need to go to the loo and goes to relieve himself. When he looks for the bag after that he finds it missing. He looks around and finds it nowhere. He sees Pooja and asks her if she saw the bag. He asks Lakshya and he mocks him. Kullu says that Ashita will murder him. Lakshya tells him that it will be superb as he can get rid of two nuisances. He tells that Kullu will be gone from his life and Ashita will go to jail. Kullu pleads with Lakshya and  Laksh tells him that he saw Prateek with the bag going towards the library. Kullu is surprised hearing that Prateek has gone to the library and goes in search of him.
Kulwinder finds Prateek at the library and wakes him up and asks for the bag. Prateek mocks him first and then tries to remember where he saw the bag. Prateek takes the name of some students and finally remembers that the bag was with Kullu. He says, "hashtag photographic memory!"
Kullu looks around for the bag and comes to the Canteen. He sees the Xerox copies of Ashita's notes with everyone and is surprised. Prateek calls Kullu and asks him to copy the notes fast. Jane comes to the Canteen calling for Kullu and he hides underneath a table. Ashita also comes there calling Kullu to return her notes. Ashita finds Kullu and confronts him. Jane also goes near him and shouts at him. Kullu chants the Hanuman Chalisa in fear. Ashita accuses him of distributing her notes to the entire class and Jane shouts at him for lying to her. Anoop comes there and offers to help Jane with her studies. Kulvinder gets angry at Anoop. The girls go from there. Laksh comes near Kullu and tells him that he took the bag. Lakshya warns Kullu not to touch his things again and goes from there. Prateek comes near Kullu and asks if he got the bag and Kullu starts to hit him (Episode ends). 

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